about hungerbaz

Volunteering into the realm of food trucks business! Hungerbaz is a professional and up-coming company based in Lucknow where you can dig in, food trucks. We guide the food truck ventures in right direction. Hungerbaz is upcoming venture that helps patrons to locate food trucks vans. Social media has been changing how we live our lives today! The capital required for initiating a restaurant is high when compared with starting your own food truck business. It is not easy to drive every day to a restaurant, contact us we will let you know the nearest food truck van. Our main aim is to gain maximum profits at minimum investment and thereby we invite food trucks ventures to partner with us. Food trucks are vans that have business logos and you can contact them directly. Every single minute is important to us. You can lick your fingers with hot dogs and chicken candies.


Hungerbaz caters to the need of patrons by serving them with food truck that offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. We all like choices in our lives. Our custom designed food trucks offer you with custom tailored menu that fills your hunger. We are committed to working with food truck owners all over India and we work on enhancing the sales of food truckers. At the same time, we are committed to provide our patrons with quality food. We understand the fierce competition that is faced by the retail business houses. Undoubtedly, we all are in search of a good meal and you may consider calling a food truck van. We understand various communities enjoy parties where you may call Hungerbaz food truck vans to serve you with various cuisines. You may call us for organizing a deal with us. We are open for negotiation and partnerships and kindly give us a thought.

  • Our company Hungerbaz works as a consultant and provides you with options of finding food truck vans in Lucknow. You can click on Find Food Truck option on our corporate webpage and add the Trucks to our site.
  • The roadside food movement is gaining popularity and thereby we are open for associations.


Our company understands the times when retail business houses have lower sales and where we need to enhance sales through food vans. The food truck business is changing in India at a fast pace and we need to serve our community with better food. Our main consideration is to have optimal sales and serve our patrons. Hungerbaz is online listing directory where you food truck owners can contact with us; you can find us on Google Maps and locate us through mobile phones anywhere. We understand the hard earned cash that comes via local business houses and increase sales of various restaurants. Our food van delivers quality food at various restaurants, colleges, corporate organizations and many more. We ensure to provide you with food trucks that will deliver you with variety of dishes and good range too. We stress at creating a food truck that is bigger and expensive. There are college foodies that will die for food trucks. It is not expensive at all; we ensure that food trucks vans will be in your budget. Food truck business is growing by more than 50% and there are here to stay for long in food business